The Institute for Sport Coaching seeks to develop new qualitative and quantitative research initiatives that examine critical issues impacting sport coaches in America. Institute research initiatives expand our ability to be effective providers of quality coaching education and professional development services to sport coaches.

Advocacy is a strategic part of the Institute for Sport Coaching’s efforts to promote positive change in American sports through the work of sport coaches. Through its advocacy programs, the Institute advises and informs organizations about pressing issues regarding sport coaches and their impact on our communities. The Institute also calls on and collaborates with sport leaders and organizations to influence change with respect to coaches in American sports at the local and national levels.

The Institute is constantly seeking and building new relationships, partnerships and collaborations with sport organizations, academics, coaching educators, coaching practitioners and students who have similar core values and interests. If you are a recreation director, youth sports program leader, sport coach at any level, or sport parent and you have questions or suggestions regarding the Institute’s advocacy efforts, please contact .

This portion of the website will be updated as the Institute’s advocacy efforts change.