Youth Sports National Report Card

The 2005 Youth Sports National Report Card was a wake-up call for Americans concerned about youth sports. Experts brought together by the Citizenship Through Sports Alliance (CTSA) created the report card and graded youth sports nationwide in the following areas:

  • Child-centered philosophy
  • Coaching
  • Health & Safety
  • Officiating
  • Parental Behavior & Involvement

The grades were disappointing. Only one area received so much as a B minus. Two areas received Ds.

Coaching received a C- grade!

The grade point average for our nation’s youth sports is unacceptable. High marks are expected in school; why not on the playing field?

We can do better and you can help!

  • If you are a parent, how does your child’s sport program stack up?
  • If you are concerned about youth sports, how do the programs in your town stack up?

How would you grade your town’s programs?

  • Are they too focused on winning?
  • Are parents causing problems?
  • Are coaches meeting expectations?
  • Are children benefiting from their experiences?

Here is what you can do:

  • Download a report card and grade your town’s programs! Go to the National Association for Sport & Physical Education and click on the appropriate report card (national, for parents, for youth sport leaders).
  • Parents –You give the grades for your child’s program.
  • Coaches, officials, and administrators — You give the grades for programs in your town.
  • Compare your grades with the national grades in the 2005 Youth Sports National Report Card.
  • Start a conversation with leaders of youth sport organizations, local politicians and your friends and neighbors about areas to improve.

For more information, go to the CTSA website.