Speakers Bureau

ISC Speakers Bureau

The Institute for Sport Coaching provides a New England-based speakers bureau service, with capabilities in professional development for sport coaches whether they are involved in youth, interscholastic or intercollegiate sports.

Our mission is to help sport and recreation organizations present powerful meeting experiences by using leaders in sport coaching, sport administration and management, and youth sports.

The Institute for Sport Coaching will deliver an experienced and professional speaker to talk to your sports organization. The Institute’s speakers prepare motivational speeches and share past successes as well as coaching best practices. An Institute speaker is a wise and cost-effective way to motivate your coaches and sport administrators. The Institute has the expertise to create and produce a speaking program that will leave your audience highly motivated and better trained to handle the challenges coaching.

We will tailor our topics to your audience, based on the messages you want delivered.

The Institute for Sport Coaching speakers are available to address such topics as:

  • The Value of Coaching Education
  • The Impact of Sport Coaches
  • National Standards for Athletic Coaches
  • Professional Development for Sport Coaches: Looking Outside the Box (tailored to individual sports)
  • Evaluating Your Coaching Effectiveness: A Path to Self-Improvement
  • Capturing Your Skills, Talents and Experiences: Professional Portfolios for Sport Coaches
  • Mentoring Sport Coaches: A Necessity in the 21st Century
  • Recruiting and Retaining Sport Coaches: A Means to Survive Generational Changes
  • Avoiding Burnout: Every Sport Coach’s Challenge
  • Improve Relations with Parents and Increase Community Interest in Your Program: Implementing a Public Relations Plan
  • Dealing with the Media: From Press Releases to Interview