Smartphone Apps for Coaches Part 3

With the spring outdoor sports season well underway and with the summer season looming, it is a good time to think about ways to keep safe during thunderstorms particularly from the threat from lightning strikes.  There are a few iPhone apps out there providing the means of warning coaches, officials and parents of nearby dangerous weather.  Full disclosure–I have not tried out any of these apps–I am providing information on them to make you aware of this new technology which can aid you in the risk management of dangerous weather.

The first app is Thunder Time which is a simple app allowing you to time the time delay between viewing a lightning strike and the accompanying thunder to measure how far away the lightning strike was.  It will also provide a geographic reference to wear the strike occurred based upon your location.

The second app is 2011 PinPoint Lightning which is a more automated system providing you with near-real time color coded alerts of lightning strikes within 15, 20 or 30 miles of your location. 

The last app is Boltmeter which taps into severe weather warnings and lightning reports provided by the National Weather Service to provide you a compass heading and distance to the lightning strikes within six miles of your location updated every 60 seconds.  According to the app description you need to have it opened to work–no alerts pushed to you.

Be safe out there when playing!


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