Sep 07

Sport Coaching Resource of the Month-September 2012

This month I am starting a new area to focus on with our monthly Sport Coaching Resource; free online coaching education and training.  I have four courses/sources identified so far.  If you know of one, please drop me a note or make a comment here.

This month’s free coaching education online course comes to us courtesy of the US Sports Academy (USSA) in Daphne, Alabama.  FULL DISCLOSURE WARNING: I am a bit biased about the USSA as I am a graduate of their masters in sport science program.  USSA offers a free Introduction to Coaching course which covers the responsibilities of a sports coach. Topics covered include: Ethics, Administrative Duties, Methodology and Pedagogy, Sports Psychology, Conditioning and Nutrition, and Injury Prevention and Emergency Care in Sports.

If anyone has taken it, love to get some feedback to pass on to others.

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