Sports Parenting Resources

One of the greatest challenges in sport today is the relationship between athletes, parents and coaches.  Parents get involved in the sport activities of their children in so many ways–coaching, officiating, league leadership, and of course being the supportive parent of an athlete.  If it not for these positive contributions of sport parents, many communities in … Continue reading »


Sport Safety & Risk Management Resources

Ignoring the inherent risks associated with sport is a quick way for a coach to end their career either by getting fired, or worse, being tried for negligence or sued in a civil case.  A competent coach must always be aware of risks present at practice or games, otherwise, the coach is putting their athletes … Continue reading »


New Section Added to Sport Coach USA Essential Bookshelf

We recently added the General Coaching Resources section to our new Sport Coach USA Essential Bookshelf webpage.  These first five books were carefully selected to provide a coach with a wide range of coaching leadership, communication and motivational techniques.  For those coaches working with middle and high school teams, Rainer Martens’ book Successful Coaching 3rd … Continue reading »


New Institute Resource–Sport Coach USA Essential Bookshelf

I, like many coaches out there, are sometimes overwhelmed with the choices of books, DVDs, newsletters, websites, etc., to read and review as part of my effort to better myself as a coach.  This information overload has not gone unnoticed by Institute leadership.  Over the past few years, the Institute’s leadership have been carefully reviewing the sport … Continue reading »