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Some Thoughts Regarding Mentoring Sport Coaches

I stumbled across two great articles regarding mentoring over the past few months and thought I would share them with you. Bloomberg Business Week magazine had a great article on mentoring and the millennial generation (born 1977 to 1997) back in March 2013. The author discusses several issues regarding how to develop mentoring program for …

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Communities of Practice–Something for Coaches?

During the past winter holidays, my wife and I attended a bluegrass-based concert at a local church.  As the concert progressed, I realized there were at least three bands represented but intermingling for each song.  It came quite clear to me that this group of 15, comprised of singers, musicians and songwriters, were demonstrating to …

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Inspiration Part II

I have owed you this blog for a few months now.  As you may remember I blogged about Marc Cohn, the singer songwriter, and his relationship with Muriel who was his inspiration that led him to national acclaim in the early 1990s.  I, too, have enjoyed the great gift of gaining inspiration from a very …

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Mentoring Assistant Coaches

I recently came across a nice article by Dina Gentile regarding the mentoring of assistant coaches in youth soccer programs.   Dr. Gentile is a Professor of Sport Management at Endicott College.  A volunteer youth coach herself, Dr. Gentile understands from both practical and theoretical experience what happens on the soccer field.   Mentoring of sport coaches has …

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