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Athletes and supplements

There was a story about football players being suspended for the use creatine (click here for the article)  and the blog manager recently posted the USDA link for supplements and medicines that can not be taken.  Here are the MA  high school and college rules Massachusetts rules follow on nutritional supplements: http://www.miaa.net/contentm/easy_pages/view.php?page_id=168&sid=38&menu_id=4 NCAA rules: http://www.ncaapublications.com/p-4203-2011-2012-sports-medicine-handbook.aspx Supplements …

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Virginia Tech study of youth football hits-must viewing


Awesome report by Stone Phillips.  Football, hockey & lacrosse players, parents and coaches.  You need to watch this about concussion study of E team Pop Warner players out of Virginia Tech.  They followed seven players during practices and games.  Over 700 hits happened over course of a season with most of the head hits came …

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Sports Psychology – strength coach for the brain?

I am brainstorming an article and would like your help.  Please send me your answers and thoughts. 1) How have you worked out non-athletic problems with your team or player? 2) Have you employed the services of a Sports Psychologist? 3) What kind of situations have or would you use their services? 4) Situational question, …

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Be the coach, lose a game or lose the season.

Bruins star, Tyler Seguin did not wake up to be at a mandatory breakfast and practice.  He gets benched and the team loses to the Jets. Instead of whining, Tyler Seguin takes the punishment and rides the bench with grace. “It is a mistake, something you can only learn from and move on,” Seguin said …

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