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Jul 15

Athletes and supplements

There was a story about football players being suspended for the use creatine (click here for the article)  and the blog manager recently posted the USDA link for supplements and medicines that can not be taken.  Here are the MA  high school and college rules Massachusetts rules follow on nutritional supplements: http://www.miaa.net/contentm/easy_pages/view.php?page_id=168&sid=38&menu_id=4 NCAA rules: http://www.ncaapublications.com/p-4203-2011-2012-sports-medicine-handbook.aspx Supplements …

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Jul 07

July Coaching Resource of the Month-Supplements411

The US Anti Doping Agency (USADA) has created a great resource (Supplement411) for sport coaches, parents, athletes and administrators to provide a trusted source of information on nutritional supplements. USADA created this resource as they believe there is confusion over what constitutes a dietary supplement. There are differences between what classifies a product as a …

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Jun 25

June 2012 Coaching Resource of the Month–Respect in Sport

The Institute for Sport Coaching is proud to announce it has partnered with Respect in Sport, Canada’s only interactive, online certification program, to provide the best possible online training for coaches and parent to protect our youth and enhance an organization’s mandate for safe, fun and respectful environments for all. Respect in Sport was developed …

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Jan 08

Kids play sports for fun

As the new year begins, we take this opportunity to relook at a Mark Hyman article in the NY Times from Jan 2011.  Mark discovered a high school sophomore in Connecticut researching why kids play sports using a survey from the Institute for Youth Sports @ Michigan State Univ.  His findings?  Kids play sports to have …

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Nov 20

Bob Bigelow–Youth Sports Activist & Basketball Clinician

Since I moved to Massachusetts in 2004, I have had the privilege of working with Bob Bigelow a number of times.  Bob, a co-author of “Just Let the Kids Play,” and a former NBA player, has spoken across the US (over 2500 talks and clinics) regarding issues related to youth sport and the resulting problems that …

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