Aug 11

Request for Presentations-National Coaching Conference 2013

Next year’s National Coaching Conference will be held in Colorado Springs next June and will be hosted by the US Olympic Committee.  If interested in presenting at the conference, check out this link for more details on how to submit your proposal.  Link to NCC 2013.


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  1. Kevin McGreskin

    I would be very interested in discussing the opportunities to present at your 2013 conference.

    I tried the link above but it did not connect.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Best wishes

    Kevin McGreskin

  2. Simon Hartley

    Hi Christopher
    I tried the link but it returned a ‘file not found’ message. Could you email details? Thanks Christopher.

  3. vincent stanley

    Chris, I would like to talk to you about this. 585-743-1020. thanks vj

  4. Rene Linthuis

    Hello Christopher,

    I do give presentations and workshops about sport, movement and instruction. I made a movement model ( from science articles, study an experience) for instruction in sporting skills. With the model it is possible to identify the Basic demands ( sensory/visual/cognitive/motor/physical ) of a sport, skill or changes in movement and to determine how to practice them with the athletes. The basic demands I implement in the practice of training (by adapting the instructions and the instructional surroundings). This way of working will guarantee great steps forward in sporting performance. My current assignments are in schooting, soccer, diving, hockey and trampolining ( also in fysiotherapy and PA).
    If you want more information on my vision on movement I am happy to answer your questions

    Hope to hear from you
    Skype : renelinthuis2

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