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Athletes and supplements

There was a story about football players being suspended for the use creatine (click here for the article)  and the blog manager recently posted the USDA link for supplements and medicines that can not be taken.  Here are the MA  high school and college rules Massachusetts rules follow on nutritional supplements: NCAA rules: Supplements …

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Hockey hit, should be decided in the field house or the court house?

State high school athletic associations around the country are being confronted with parents and members going to court after a call has been made. Anyone can go to their local court house, fill out the paper work and alleged that someone assaulted them.  The venue does not matter where the incident occurred, it is up …

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How Tom Brady thinks-why it is important not to write a kid like him off

I have met Don Yaeger, read his work and follow his blog.  He is insightful as a moto speaker, author and journalist. He take a few snapshots from Tom Brady’s life to illustrate how Brady thinks and evolves. Read before the Super Bowl, follow Don on Facebook and his blog.  


Kids play sports for fun

As the new year begins, we take this opportunity to relook at a Mark Hyman article in the NY Times from Jan 2011.  Mark discovered a high school sophomore in Connecticut researching why kids play sports using a survey from the Institute for Youth Sports @ Michigan State Univ.  His findings?  Kids play sports to have …

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Jan 2012 — Resource of the Month

If you are interested in learning more about sports nutrition–one of the secrets to athletic success–then I suggest you check out the published research at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.  Obviously, Gatorade has a business interest in the hydration component of sports nutrition but the studies available were conducted at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute or at …

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