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Sport Coaching Leadership Part 1

I have been guilty on many days of putting off tasks.  But the coaching issues rising within the speed skating community was just the gift to help me start my blog series on sport coaching leadership. It certainly gains lots of national attention when a large number of elite speed skaters, including Olympic medalists, come …

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Longitudinal Study on UK Sport Coaches

This Sport Coach UK report is based on a unique four-year study of coaches in the United Kingdom. Over the past four years, 400 coaches completed a survey, providing details on their coaching practice, professional development and motivations. The data was used by UK coaching leadership to better understand coaches and track their changes over time. The coaches in this study represent a distinct …

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July Coaching Resource of the Month-Supplements411

The US Anti Doping Agency (USADA) has created a great resource (Supplement411) for sport coaches, parents, athletes and administrators to provide a trusted source of information on nutritional supplements. USADA created this resource as they believe there is confusion over what constitutes a dietary supplement. There are differences between what classifies a product as a …

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March 2012 Coaching Resource of the Month

Sure, this month’s resource is late being posted. The important thing is that I made the end of the month deadline! If you are a coach concerned with creating a sports environment that advocates and encourages your athletes to compete “clean,” then the online resources of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) is as resource …

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Kids play sports for fun

As the new year begins, we take this opportunity to relook at a Mark Hyman article in the NY Times from Jan 2011.  Mark discovered a high school sophomore in Connecticut researching why kids play sports using a survey from the Institute for Youth Sports @ Michigan State Univ.  His findings?  Kids play sports to have …

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