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ISC Intelligence UpdateThe Sport Coach USA Intelligence Update provides sport coaches, at all levels of sport, the summary findings from the latest coaching and sport science research information, the latest essential reading, and news from the Institute for Sport Coaching’s Research and Information Team.  Our Team monitors and reviews over 100 leading journals, magazines, websites and databases in sports seeking the latest information of interest to sport coaches.  Topics covered in the Update include:

  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Sport Biomechanics & Physiology
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Women & Girls in Sport
  • New Technology for Coaches
  • Youth Sports
  • Drugs In Sports
  • General Coaching
  • Sport Specific (to be added in later in 2012)

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Why subscribe? We realize that most coaches, especially during their competitive seasons, are very busy and may not have time to keep up to date on the latest research impacting their sport.  The Sport Coach USA Intelligence Update is our way of aiding coaches to stay abreast of the latest changes in sport science.  Our Research and Information Team will do that work for you and keep you updated on a monthly basis.

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