Coaching Education Consulting

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The Institute for Sport Coaching works with programs and organizations to provide tailored consulting to identify and resolve program challenges regarding their coaching workforce. Regardless of the program challenge, Institute consultants provide guidance to assist programs overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Past consulting projects have included:

  • Designing and rolling out new coaching education programs;
  • Finding the appropriate coaching education program;
  • Developing mentoring programs for coaches; and
  • Designing coaching workshops and courses.

Additionally, the Institute for Sport Coaching, with its national network of sport coaching education professionals, can assist sports organizations and communities in assessing their needs to provide their coaching workforce the necessary training and support needed to enable their success.  Once their needs have been identified, Institute consultants can provide:

  • Strategic planning to establish a coaching education program in accordance with the National Standards for Sport Coaches guidelines;
  • Development and implementation of a tailored coaching education plan for coaches ranging from youth to interscholastic;
  • NCACE accreditation application for coaching education programs; and
  • Guidance to maintain NCACE accreditation.

The Institute has a consulting corps comprised of nationally recognized professionals with expertise in almost every aspect of education, sport, recreation and fitness. Whether you represent a pubic/private school, a college or university, a professional sports franchise, a recreation department, or a fitness/wellness organization – the Institute’s consultants stand ready to help and advise you, and to serve as a resource for your staff and your organization.

For more information, please contact Christopher Hickey, Executive Director, Institute for Sport Coaching (978-201-1024 or .