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Jul 07

Coaching Resource of the Month — July 2014

As an athlete with asthma, I know firsthand how debilitating an attack can be. As a coach, working with athletes who are dealing with asthma is another challenge. The good news is that It can be controlled to allow athletes to stay in the game. The National Institutes for Health provide great information on how coaches can …

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Mar 11

Coaching Resource of the Month — March 2014

This is long overdue but March 2014′s Coaching Resource of the Month is SportsCoachUK’s blog. SportsCoachUK has a team of sport coach specialists blogging on a number of issues directly related to coaching including a new series on coaching apps. Highly recommend checking it out. They are a non-profit partially supported by the British Govt. (wouldn’t …

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Feb 08

Coaching Resource of the Month — February 2014

Sportlyzer has researched the many available sport coaching software packages available. They developed a list with brief descriptions of the online and offline tools to plan & analyze training, manage athletes’ data and improve communication between coaches and athletes and others. If you are seeking new ways to improve your coaching, check out this technology.

Jan 12

Coaching Resource of the Month — January 2014

Over the past few months, I have really enjoyed reading Jeff Mitchell’s blog about coaching development called Coach Growth. Jeff is a community coach developer in New Zealand. He covers many topics in his blog including: Mentoring of sport coaches Driving your own development as a coach (multi-part series) Developing talent You can also follow Jeff on …

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Dec 15

Coaching Resource of the Month–Dec 2013

A growing movement in sport is the long term athlete development concept (LTAD). Leading this movement are a number of folks in Canada including their national sport agencies who sponsor our December 2013 Coaching Resource of the Month–Canada’s Sport For Life. Before I go any further, here is a quick primer on LTAD: Children, youth …

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