Analysis of Sport Performance

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Observation, Analysis & VideoObservation, Analysis & Video.
Robertson, Kevin (2002). SportCoachUK: London UK.


Notational Analysis of Sport 2nd Ed.Notational Analysis of Sport 2nd Ed.
Hughes, Mike, and Franks, Ian M. (Eds.) (2004). Routledge: London UK.


Performance Assessment for Field Sports Performance Assessment for Field Sports.
Carling, Christopher, Reilly, Thomas and Williams, A. Mark (2009). Routledge: London UK


The Essentials of Performance Analysis; An IntroductionThe Essentials of Performance Analysis; An Introduction.
Hughes, Mike (2007). Routledge: London UK


Analysing Your Coaching; The Start of Your Journey Towards Coaching ExcellenceAnalysing Your Coaching; The Start of Your Journey Towards Coaching Excellence.
Crisfield, Penny (1998). National Coaching Foundation: Leeds UK.


Sport Mechanics for CoachesSport Mechanics for Coaches.
Burket, Brendan (2010). Human Kinetics: Champaign, IL.

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