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Aug 10

Life Lessons for Coaches — We Too Can Learn Them!

Thanks to our guest blogger Helen Williams for this article. Athletics is a great teaching tool; for coaches as well as their players. Sometimes we coaches forget that it’s as important for us to learn from our experiences as it is to help our players grow. I learned several things as a head coach that …

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Jul 31

OODA Loop–Tool for Teaching Decision Making in Sport


For years I have been a big fan and practitioner of the OODA Loop. The OODA Loop was developed in the late 1960s by US Air Force Colonel John Boyd to help train fighter pilots during the Vietnam War. But know I want to talk about it in the context of sport and how it …

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Nov 20

Athlete-Centered Coaching & Servant-Leadership

There has been a bit of discussion regarding athlete-centered coaching on Twitter over the past few months. For the record, in most cases, I am in favor of having a coach adopt an athlete-centered coaching philosophy. I have to admit my bias as I have had a “athlete-first, winning second” coaching philosophy since the early …

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Nov 18

Why Do People Coach?

Why do people choose to coach? Is it for money or love of the game? Is it for altruistic reasons, a need for affiliation, or something else? I have often wondered if people ask themselves this question or if they “just do it”.  The answer is important because understanding your choice will determine whether or …

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Sep 13

Rudy the Rabbit, Ron & Mike, & the first sub 4 min mile!

I recently stumbled across this great clip from what I believe to be Bill Murray’s first movie, Meatballs, where he plays a thoughtful but humorous camp counselor, Tripper. Murray works with Rudy, a lonely camper, played by Chris Makespeace, on his running to build his confidence. During the climatic end to the movie, Murray gives …

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