Aug 15

Respect for Sport Coaches on ESPN?

The other day, I was watching ESPN while I was working out. One of the segments I watched first was about Johnny Manziel aka “Johnny Football” and his chances at becoming the Cleveland Browns’ starting quarterback. Shannon Sharp, one of the commenters during this segment, commented (paraphrased as I did not stop running to write the direct quote down), “…don’t be too hasty in making this judgment as most of the players he has been playing against will be signing up for unemployment or coaching next week.”

Well, I was taken aback when I heard Sharp’s word. I realize the point he was making about NFL preseason games  but his comment stung. I just didn’t like how he lumped coaches into it.

In comparison, a few minutes later Jim Caviezel came on to promote his new movie, When the Game Stands Tall. He was asked why he took this particular role, Caviezel replied that he did it as a tribute to his coaches. He further explained that his coaches helped him become a better actor. That threw the ESPN host back a bit. So Caviezel explained how as a basketball player he learned how to deal with rejection which aided him immensely in the eight years it took to get his career going. He also talked about the positive influence his coaches had on him helping him pursue being the best player he could be.

Anyone who knows me gets that I am biased about good coaches. I love them for their work and their contributions to our communities. I wonder what Shannon Sharp truly thinks about coaches. I do thank Jim Caviezel for his feelings and finding a vehicle to share his experiences with the rest of us.



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  1. lesley

    every athlete should have respect the coaches as because of them one can learn alot

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